User Impressions of Dan's Reference System

An incredibly high ceiling and sense of space without any noise or hiss. Everything sounds so smooth and supple harshness or fatigue at all.  The individuality and nuances of instruments and vocals are quite identifiable.

Nicki N., Canada. Singer/Songwriter, Sound Engineer

The music sounded as pure as a live studio experience ...truly present and immersive with incredible detail and dynamic range. If sound was water, it soaks you wet.

Steven J., Canada. Music Teacher (Strings, Vocals)

The sense of space created was unique to my recorded listening experience. I could hear exactly what instruments were in what position and with excellent timbre. The impression was of a live performance ...a wall of music would engulf me and I would listen to the little intricacies as I never have before.

Michael K., Canada. Classically Trained Pianist

This is silky smooth conversion with crystal clear transients and spatial cues. Sounds like the bass amp is in the room! I find myself fully enjoying the music while also able to easily discern the mix effects and recording techniques used. Nice shit! This is as good as I have heard.

Mike B., Canada. Sound Engineer, MuchMusic, CityTV (Toronto)

I have finicky ears but when I heard the distinction and texture of voices, instruments and room atmosphere, my first thought was "Wow! This is not digital music, it is too clear and natural to be digital.”

John S., Canada. Musician, Vocalist, Media & Entertainment Professional

The level of detail is quite nice ...I'm hearing things in the track I did not know were there. Vocals have a natural warmth and I can definitely sense the room and the space around the instruments.

John V.S., Canada. Musician, Recording Engineer, Live Audio Technician

What an incredible experience. From Die Fledermaus to Buck Owens, I've never heard such dynamic range. Instruments and vocals just pop out ...violin, piano, xylophone, percussion ...all sound unbelievably real. Jumping Jesus!

Branko P., Canada. Musician, Master Transcriber, Lifelong Music Lover

OPTO•DX User Testimonials

All I have to say is "Wow!" OPTO•DX is absolutely amazing. I was skeptical but the way it cleans the sound is incredible. Highs in particular are less splashy. Bass is tighter but hits harder. I can listen at volume without sheen or harshness. Instruments have more impact and separation is surgical. My Susvara headphones are holographic as never before. I'm really so impressed! Blog Post

Paul R., USA

My system sounded great but with a hardness that gave me headaches. I tried ferrites on the BNC cable without much success. I then bought OPTO•DX together with RF•STOP Isolation Box and the hardness is completely gone! Now I have glorious sound and I can listen whole day without any headaches. Indeed this is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Anthony C., Hong Kong

OPTO•DX, for a modest investment and small footprint, has rewarded me with an emotive aural experience. My Dave goes deeper into the mix to reveal subtle details and timbre—I'm now more intimate with my favourite recordings! Less hi-fi, more flesh, blood and guts!

Bharat P., UK

When it comes to isolating your digital chain from your analog chain, there is nothing better than an optical air gap.

Ray G., USA

Timbre and transients are off the charts. I'm picking up ambience that I never did before. OPTO•DX is un-muffling the f*ck out of the music. It certainly feels endgame.

Michael D., UK

The best way to eliminate the RFI issue completely is with OPTO•DX. It is one of the most significant upgrades that I have ever made to my Hi-Fi system.

Neil V.M., Ireland

...much larger soundstage, better separation, better dynamics, more vivid sound's the best I've heard my system.

Bernard H., Austria

...the reduction in noise is profound. I’ve never heard a background this black. I honestly can’t believe the sound coming from my speakers.

Ken B., USA

I find it's just so easy to listen...lots going on in 3D too...the sound from OPTO•DX is pretty astounding!

Alfie M., Canada

OPTO•DX is a fantastic product...more depth and holographic representation of the music. I have truly never heard such good sound.

Steve A., Australia

OPTO•DX is lifting up my system very nicely. The degree to which I can hear the benefits on instrument resolution is striking.

Cedric W., UK

It was really hard for me to believe that there was still that much more information being blurred by RF noise. The optical isolation of OPTO•DX just takes things to a whole different level.

Todd N., USA

More User Testimonials

The benefit of adding SRC-DX to my Dave was immediately obvious. Transients and leading edges were more incisive with more heft. USB direct sounded soft in comparison. SRC-DX was quieter and I love how it made female vocals more present. Definitely a keeper!

Zaphod B., USA

With DACWrap and vibration treatment on my Dave I have elevated my system to class level detail retrieval combined with incredible smoothness and realism! I obtained far larger depth and a few spooky moments where it felt like someone was actually in the room. I am delighted!

Cedric W., UK

SRC•DX was the missing link I needed. I use an Antipodes server with HQPlayer embedded. I am now able to pass maximum quality to my TT2 in the way Chord intended... Dual BNC. The signal is stable (no dropouts) and the sound has a black background with accurately reclaimed transients. Well done Audiowise!

Laurie H., Canada

OPTO•DX and SRC•DX have made a huge impact. My TT2 system is better by every measure. From low level details, openness, transparency, lack of high frequency harshness, soundstage is spectacular along with being able to delineate each instrument/voice ...just fantastic.

Robert G., USA

SRC•DX out of the box performance is more than anyone would expect. Very well done!

Atilla G., Germany

With my BluMk2 and Dave, OPTO•DX has been a revelation! Hugely transformative!
...Opened up soundstage ... more micro details ...smoother, more liquid and lush. RF•STOP filtered AC power cables replaced my uber pricey power cables throughout my digital chain so now my digital has a bigger soundstage than my vinyl rig.
Blog Post

Albert O., USA

Wow, it’s amazing! SRC•DX with HQPlayer is a big step up for my Hugo 2. So analog sounding and so incredibly detailed.

Andrew H., USA

Very much enjoying SRC•DX with my Dave! It's definitely made a very positive difference versus USB - even with my Taiko Extreme. HQPlayer using the Sinc-L filter is a huge upgrade.

Cedric W., UK

OPTO•DX is fantastic. I can just say my hifi did not sound like some real high end until OPTO•DX was incorporated between HMS and Hugo TT2. I really enjoy listening to music now!

Rudolf L., Slovakia

PGGB•IT! is very good. The software is stable and the speed is fast. I am very happy with 768k 32bit WAV files and PGGB sound from my Gustard X26 Pro!

Peter F., China

OPTODX made a very big difference in my Dave! It was precisely as Audio Bacon described it in his review. I am very satisfied with the purchase and it was an inexpensive upgrade in terms of the improvement in sound quality. Thank you, Dan.

Richard E., Sweden


The RF Noise Killer...

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"A much more nuanced, dimensional, and effortless sound ... Perfect resolution and transparency ... Natural soundstage width and depth ... Ambient and atmospheric cues are made more obvious ... Everything sounds consolidated & fully formed ... Neutral Tonal Variations"

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