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OPTO•DX Optical Cables

OPTO•DX Optical Cables

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Select Standard single-strand optical cables for a high level of sound quality. Select Premium multi-strand cables for endgame sound qualityworthy of being chosen for Dan's reference system. Premium cables are constructed from over 1000 24-μm polymer strands versus the single polymer core construction of Standard cables. This transforms the cable from multimode to singlemode for less modal dispersion; less random fluctuations in amplitude and phase means less noise at the DAC's receiver

Choose longer optical cables to suit component configurations on different shelves or to increase upsampler separation distance from DAC.  Increasing distance reduces measured radiated RF noise since it attenuates according to the square of the distance.  Doubling the distance means only 1/4 radiated RF noise.

Note - Premium Grade cables attenuate the waveform more than Standard Grade. For owners of legacy Dave DACs, please contact Audiowise to ensure your OPTO•DX is calibrated for proper operation.