PURE•DC Ultracapacitor Power Supply

PURE•DC Ultracapacitor Power Supply

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PUREDC is the ultimate power supply for Chord Electronics Mojo2 DAC, OPTO•DX or any sensitive low power audio component. PUREDC is a passive all-analog design with the lowest possible ESR (equivalent series resistance), zero RF noise, instantaneous energy delivery and perfectly flat DC voltage regardless of transient load. In subjective tests with PURE•DC powered Mojo2 playing PGGB generated FLAC files, the sound proved to be superior to a battery or a regulated supply. PGGB's high-frequency detail and low-frequency nuance was more fully revealed. 

PUREDC is 'Semi-DIY', based on the IanCanada UcPure MKIII control module. It's a custom chassis with a rear panel mounted PCB and four(4) enclosed XL60 ultracapacitor cells for 12000F of storage. Recharging of cells is automatic and the optically isolated charger input has minimal impact on 'pure' mode operation. Hookup uses terminal blocks or barrel connectors and LEDs provide status. See the ucPure documentation here.

Note1: Operation of PURE•DC with Mojo2 requires that the Mojo2 internal battery be disconnected. This forces Mojo2 into permanent desktop mode and relieves it of the extra FPGA processing for battery management. 
Note2: PURE•DC ships with a 120W 19V 6.32A charger to a 2.5mm x 5.5mm barrel connector.