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DAC•WRAP Magnetic Shield

DAC•WRAP Magnetic Shield

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DAC•WRAP is a magnetic shield that isolates a DAC from magnetic and low frequency RF fields generated by proximate component power supplies, AC power cables, transformers and the household environment. For maximum sound transparency, you need to block external electromagnetic energy from entering a DAC's aluminum or steel enclosure where it will induce unwanted electrical current along internal signal and power paths. DAC•WRAP is made from laminated foil sheets of highly permeable alloy with performance similar to MuMETAL®. Magnetic fields are deflected to flow along the outside of the DAC. The beneficial effects are immediate and obvious.

DAC•WRAP forms a flexible close fitting four-sided enclosure for 360° lateral protection. An open front and rear allows access to displays, IR controls and I/O. Double layers of foil provides excellent shielding and good wrap flexibility. Custom sizes available upon request. Installation notes are here.


  • Double layer, polyester laminated
  • Thickness: 0.1 mm per layer
  • Color: Two-tone Silver
  • Permeability: µ = 25,000; µ max. = 100,000
  • Saturation polarization: 0.55 T
  • Materials: Cobalt, Silver, Boron, Iron, Molybdenum, Niobium

*MuMETAL® is a trademark of Magnetic Shield Corporation