About AudioWise

Have we seriously underestimated the impact of RF (radio frequency) noise on ultimate transparency? Have extreme fidelity headphones and DACs now revealed the importance of this aspect? Audiowise was formed in 2016 by Daniel Mance to delve into this question and provide affordable endgame solutions. Our philosophy addresses root causes with absolute remedies not just tweaks. Our products eliminate conducted and radiated RF noise impinging on a DAC. The results are market proven: RF isolated DACs reveal an ‘analog-like’ sound that's devoid of fatiguing digital hash yet full of detail and nuance.

Dan's background is in Digital Media and Computer Engineering with a B.Eng from McMaster University (Canada).  His long career in digital television software engineering has gave him a solid pragmatism. Dan is fortunate to have a very good ear and uses his love of music to audition everything he sells.