About AudioWise

AudioWise was formed in 2016 by Daniel Mance to understand the science of high quality sound reproduction - and to provide solutions, sales and consulting to manufacturers and the buying public.  Dan's background is in Digital Media and Computer Engineering with a B.Eng from McMaster University (Canada).  His long career in digital television software engineering gave him a solid pragmatism. Dan is fortunate to have a very good ear and uses his love of music to audition everything he sells.

AudioWise focuses on digital audio playback through loudspeakers - with the goal to bring us ultimate transparency and a more simplified signal chain. Dan espouses linear response across the full audio spectrum and total avoidance of the euphonics of distortion and false allure of RF noise.  His solutions demonstrate a deep understanding of the nuances involved and appreciation of the sensitivity of the human ear/brain to variations in the digital or analog signal path.

Dan also educates the buying public through blogs and forum posts.   Check out AudioWise (dmance) on headfi.