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RF•STOP SE Signal Filter

RF•STOP SE Signal Filter

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RF•STOP™ SE Signal Filter uses passive skin effect filtering technology for bi-directional low pass filtering of signals (positive and negative/ground wires). It allows full bandwidth analog (line/speaker) or SPDIF digital audio to pass while blocking higher frequencies. Attenuation performance is superior to traditional filter topologies.

  • RF•STOP™ SE is reflectionless: absorbing and terminating signals internally (traditional filters are reflective, which causes intermodulation and other interferences)
  • RF•STOP™ SE has effectively zero resistance: no pass-band signal attenuation and no additional signal impedance (traditional filters have a non-zero impedance)
  • RF•STOP™ SE is bi-directional: RF noise is dissipated equally from input-to-output (isolating downstream components) or output-to-input (isolating upstream components)

Install RF•STOP SE Signal Filter using ultra short and well shielded interconnects.

Filter Performance:

STANDARD 1X (Single) filter performance
EXTREME 4X (Quadruple) filter performance


RCA Input → RCA Output Install between DAC analog output and amp/pre to filter downstream RF/EM noise from entering 'back' into DAC
BNC Input BNC Output Install between SRC•DX/MScaler DBNC output and DAC to filter upstream RF/EM noise from entering DAC
RCA Input → TRS Output Install between DAC analog output and headphones to filter HP cable-as-antenna RF/EM noise from entering DAC