SRC•DX USB to Dual-Coax Bridge

SRC•DX USB to Dual-Coax Bridge

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SRC•DX™ is a revelation for software upscaling: a low RF noise USB to dual-coax S/PDIF (DX) bridge that supports 705.6/768kHz PCM. Eschewing a direct USB-to-DAC interface means less RF noise is generated by the DAC's USB receiver chip. Low power consumption and electronic filters on the dual-coax output means less RF noise gets to the DAC. This helps elevate the quality of software upscaling so HQPlayer, Roon, and other capable software can sound as good as possible—even to rival the best FPGA-based hardware. 

SRC•DX is USB 2.0 class-compliant for plug-and-play operation with Windows, macOS and Linux—powered by the 5V USB port. A push-button selects standard or high DX signal level for compatibility with all DACs. Status LEDs indicate single-coax or dual-coax mode of operation. BNC connections ensure reliable transmission of high-speed digital audio.

SRC•DX is compatible with all PCM upsampling software however HQPlayer's latest 'sinc-M' or 'poly-sinc-long-lp' filters are highly recommended for their superior fidelity and state-of-the-art technology: ~1M taps, single poly-stage design, linear phase sinc response with 240dB stop band attenuation and high-order noise shaping. Real-time performance requires only a Core i3 and the extended precision 80-bit floating point available on x64 CPUs delivers 24-bit accuracy.

SRC•DX affords more music lovers the experience of hearing end-game upscaling. Add OPTO•DX isolation for a level of transparency that is truly wondrous. Pre-orders are being accepted now.  Shipping of the first production units is late January.


  • SRC•DX
  • Driver for Windows 10(WASAPI), macOS(Core Audio) or Linux(ALSA) is part of the OS (no need to download a driver)
  • Windows 7/8 ASIO driver can be downloaded here. Only download and install if required.

HQPlayer Links and Configuration:

  • Download HQPlayer 4.X.0 Desktop here. (Evaluation allows easy software/hardware comparison on USB)
  • Recommended filter setting is here