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RF•STOP AC Power Cable

RF•STOP AC Power Cable

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An AC power cable is an antenna for EMF noise generated from proximate digital components or from the power grid. RF•STOP™ AC Power Cable offers a combination of an integrated full length shielded ferrite cable and RF/EM filters for excellent attenuation of RF noise—more than 40dB above the critical 100MHz frequency range. Use this cable instead of expensive power strips, line conditioners or 'AC cleaning' adapters.

The cable consists of a IEC C13 inlet and either a US Nema or EU Schuko line connector. It is available in 'Standard' or 'Premium' grades. The 'Standard' grade has RF/EM filters incorporated into the plugs. The 'Premium' version has an enhanced RF/EM filtering block and SonarQuest Rhodium line connector. Schaffner EMC brand.