PGGB•IT! Precision Elevates DSD Sound Quality!

The high accuracy core of PGGB•IT! enables it to achieve PCM reconstruction quality that is arguably the best that is available today. And soon, with Version 6, the same high accuracy reconstruction will make DSD shine. The word from early users is that DSD sound quality is beyond what they have ever heard before.

PGGB•IT! is an offline process and although its algorithms are resource intensive, the effort all but eliminates the high quantization noise that is generally associated with DSD's 1-bit format. PGGB•IT! reimagines DSD with conversion up to DSD1024; 9th order modulators and quantization noise as low as -425dB in the audible range. A remarkable achievement.

To present DSD in the best light requires a competent DSD DAC that has a dedicated DSD pipeline as per the AKM 4493 drawing above. The DSD path in blue is compared to the PCM path in red. DSD signals have far less digital processing and the DSD signal is essentially direct from input to the final D/A stage of the switched capacitor filters (SCF).

If you would like to hear more yourself, you can download PGGB DSD samples on this site.