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PGGB•IT! Utility

PGGB•IT! Utility

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PGGB•IT! is a Windows application for PGGB batch resampling of album folders using the Windows Explorer library as a queue. The companion FOLDER-DROP! allows folders to be included in the library using Explorer's drag-drop. Generate resampled tracks (in FLAC, WAV or WV format) for use in a compatible music player. PGGB•IT! has a comprehensive settings panel and visually rich console output.
PGGB•IT! works with either PGGB-AP (High Precision ) or PGGB-RT (Intel IPP accelerated). A free trial license of PGGB-RT is included for remastering up to 2 Million Taps. A full functionality PGGB-RT license is available here. When you register/purchase, you will be provided with a download link and notified of any updates. User Manual is here. If you just need the download link, it's here.