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PGGB-RT/foobar (foo-RT) is a component for foobar2000 that uses the power of Intel IPP/AVX to accelerate PGGB-RT to real-time performance levels for a gapless playback experience. foo-RT offers reference PGGB sound quality and features up to 2 million taps for free... or up to 1 billion taps with an upgraded licence. 
    When installed in foobar2000, foo-RT operates as a stream renderer while the player handles the input decoding and output audio driver interface. As a track is playing, foo-RT processes the next track in the playlist so it's ready when needed. foo-RT is CPU and memory intensive and more taps and longer tracks increase processing time. A Windows 64-bit system with at least 8Gb of RAM is required; 16Gb is recommended. 
    • Download foo-RT HERE.
    • Download the latest fooBar2000 player HERE