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Another Extremely Positive OPTO•DX User Review

Thanks to Paul R. from Philadelphia, PA!

I have a Chord DAVE running to an Auris Nirvana tube amp and a pair of HIFIMAN Susvara headphones. When I introduced M-Scaler to my system, I noticed an increase in resolution but also the introduction of an artificial sheen that sounded overly digitized. When running A/B comparisons with the M-Scaler in/out, my revealing headphones were picking up what I would later come to know as RF noise.

After doing some research, I purchased OPTO•DX and introduced it to my system. I was admittedly skeptical that it would make much difference. As soon as I began listening to music with OPTO•DX in my system, the improvement was immediately noticeable. The sound was much cleaner. The highs were much less splashy, and the soundstage felt more open. The sound from my DAVE became even more holographic than before - truly in another league. I was finally hearing how the M-Scaler was made to improve my system. Essentially, OPTO•DX lifted a veil from the sound. Bass notes hit harder. Instrument separation became more precise, even surgical. The full power of my system felt heard for the first time, and I could listen to my music at higher volumes without the harshness that was there before.

I am in no way affiliated with AudioWise. I just wanted to write about how much of a difference OPTO•DX made in my system. If you have a revealing, high-end audio system and are using an upsampler, the removal of RF noise makes such an impact that really needs to be heard. I am so happy I read the reviews online and decided to take the plunge. I know that a lot of people will spend money on high-end BNC ferrite cables that are $1000+ for a pair, but one review I read stated that the OPTO•DX makes a much bigger difference for less cost than those high-end BNC cables. This is what led me to this product, and I am so very glad that OPTO•DX is now a part of my audio system.

I can't thank you enough Dan, you've made an astounding product!

-- Paul