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PGGB•IT! Offline File Remastering

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Reimagine your DAC with PGGB•IT!a professional Windows application for offline remastering of file-based music using PGGB technology. AudioWise is a Licensee Partner of PGGB from PGGB•IT! is always updated with the latest PGGB software to ensure quality and performance. PGGB•IT! works with your local music files only (those residing on a SSD or HDD attached to your digital playback system). If you listen exclusively to streamed music (as from Tidal or Qobuz) you will need to obtain digital versions of your music to benefit from PGGB•IT! processing.  In that case, you can use a music player, like ROON, to play back the remastered files.

PGGB•IT! incorporates many powerful features:

  • PCM up to 64fS or DSD up to DSD1024 to/from any sample rate or bit depth
  • Multi-threaded modeless user interface with separate console/logging window
  • Robust and efficient .NET processing (MATLAB not required) 
  • Simultaneous processing of tracks on performant many-core systems (Xeon, EPYC, Ryzen, etc.)
  • FFMPEG processing of audio files including video(audio tracks) and multi-channel(up to 7.1)
  • Lossless equalization using imported convolution/parametric files or an integrated 4-band EQ
  • Folder monitoring for automatic processing of added files
  • Keyboard remote control for headless operation
  • Preview to assist with workflow and settings

PGGB•IT! is available as a no-cost ‘DEMO’ version that’s fully functional but only processes the first 3 minutes of each track. Upgrade to a full license for unrestricted operation: 64, PLUS or MAX license. 64 is PCM only at 64-bit precision. PLUS add support for remastering to PCM and up to DSD256 at 128-bit/adaptive precision.  MAX supports remastering to PCM and up to DSD1024 at 256-bit/adaptive precision. To obtain a full license, download the (free) PGGB•IT! 'DEMO' version and include the reported Hardware ID in the notes of your order ...or just send a note to

The latest version is 6.142.2. User Guide is here and help screen as displayed on the console is here. PGGB•IT! requirements:

  • Windows 10/11 64-bit or any Windows Server system. At least 16Gbytes RAM and a fast SSD. Performance will scale with more CPU cores and more RAM.
  • Apple Mac with Bootcamp or Parallels19 Desktop installed. macOS Sonoma recommended.
 Version 6.142.2.  Updated DSD processing for performance (about 2x to 3x faster). Updated EQ Engine. Bug Fixes.