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DC•BLOCK Leakage Current Filter

DC•BLOCK Leakage Current Filter

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A DAC will sound it's best when isolated from all types of noise. In the case of a coaxial input signal, optical isolation eliminates galvanic conduction and source RF noise; and cables should be of short-length and well-shielded to limit their impairment as antennas. Still to be considered is the potential for leakage currents at the coaxial signal input:

  • S/PDIF is bi-phase-mark encoded for a zero average DC; however, symbol correlated fluctuations may transfer low frequency AC and DC energy
  • The upstream component source blocking capacitor may degrade and leak DC
  • Transfer of DC may occur along the coaxial cable dielectric itself
  • Proximate AC sources radiate EMF and induce currents in upstream components and connected cables

DC•BLOCK™ is an in-line device located right at the DACs coaxial signal input. It's a 2nd order Butterworth filter integrated in a BNC adapter that blocks DC and AC mains induced current. Zero unwanted current flow into a DAC lets you extract the last bit of transparency from your system. Install one DC•BLOCK on a single-coax 384k connection; install a pair on a dual-coax (DX) 768k connection. The performance of the digital transmission is not affected.