RF•STOP Digital Component Isolation Box

RF•STOP Digital Component Isolation Box

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RF•STOP™ Isolation Box is the only solution to definitively stop radiated radio-frequency (RF) noise from impinging on a Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC). It achieves complete RF isolation by enclosing components inside a Faraday box and eliminating galvanic signal connections. This blocks 99.9999999% of RF noise—an equivalent electromagnetic shielding distance of 500 meters. Components placed inside are quarantined from outside components. This approach may sound extreme but the result is endgame: total transparency to the source; an analog smoothness with incredible detail and dynamic range; a huge soundstage; and a completely fatigue-free listening experience.

The evidence is empirical. Out-of-band RF noise measured at a DACs output is a direct corollary for sound quality and confirmed by listening tests. Digital components radiate RF noise across meters of open air to a proximate DAC and its tethered antennae (interconnects and power connections). Even impossibly small levels of RF energy affect the DACs final D/A processing to manifest as harmonic distortions and an elevated noise floor. So while optical signal isolation and ultra-clean isolated power are certainly important it's also necessary, for complete isolation, that radiated RF noise must be addressed.

RF•STOP Isolation Box is available in two sizes to accommodate a customer's digital inventory: source/streamer, external drives, hardware up-sampler, SRC•DX, OPTO•DX transmitter, networking optical converter, power adapters and all cables. Please see the example configuration images. To maintain isolation all signals are ported through a waveguide using only optical connections. AC power is provided by an RF filtered IEC inlet and a NEMA plug adapter supports adapters for SCHUKO, UK or AUS standards. Powering components using an internal battery reduces RF leakage through the AC connection.  RF•STOP provides thermal management for heat generating components with a large interior cavity, passive cross-flow ventilation and an optional low-noise fan such as this An acrylic mezzanine shelf allows for spacing of stacked components.

Digital tweaks used within RF•STOP become unnecessary. Expensive  low-noise sources, isolated switches, USB re-clockers or exotic shielded digital cables provide only marginal RF reduction benefit when a DAC is already well isolated. This is a huge win-win for audiophiles who can be objectively confident in their digital endgame and wisely spend only on components of intrinsic value. RF•STOP is professional-grade endgame RF isolation that can be tucked away in an audio rack or proudly displayed on the top shelf with the addition of a solid wood faceplate here.

Download the RF•STOP Isolation Box Whitepaper here for an overview of radiated RF's impact on your DAC. RF•STOP Isolation Box is built to order; please allow 4 weeks for delivery.


  • RF•STOP Isolation Box with Test Certificate (each unit is laboratory tested)
  • Acrylic mezzanine shelf
  • AC Power Cord (NEMA) with NEMA to international plug adapter as required.
    A companion RF•STOP filtered power cord here is highly recommended.


External Dimensions

Small: 13.5" Width x 11" Depth x 8.75" Height (5U rack height)

Large: 17" Width x 13.5" Depth x 8.75" Height (5U rack height)

Internal Dimensions

Small: ~12”(305mm) x ~9.5”(242mm) x ~6”(153mm)

Large: ~15.5”(395mm) x ~12”(305mm) x ~6”(153mm)

Shielding Effectiveness

>90dB @ 100Mhz to 3GHz
>80dB @ 3Ghz to 6Ghz
>70dB @ 6Ghz to 13Ghz

Waveguide Port

Six 6mm cable openings and a single 12mm connector feedthrough supports Toslink, simplex or duplex fibre with OPTO•DX or standard networking connections.

AC Power 100V-250V/10A. IEC external with NEMA5-15 internal. IEC inlet fuse: 5x20mm glass (factory configured)
Ventilation Passive cross-flow with mounting for optional 80mm fan on intake and/or exhaust
Construction Welded aluminum w/conductive coating. Chassis connected to AC ground. 120dB: Amorphous Cobalt Alloy Foil wrapped matboard inner liner.
RF Gasket Dual nickel fabric braid over foam core seal
RF Liner Broadband absorption and resonance reduction
Lid Dual layer reinforced cover with durable hinges
Latching Dual paddle compression latch
Shipping Weight 26lbs (11.8kg)
Certification Each unit tested & certified by TESTFORCE (measurements provided)
Warranty 2 year parts and labour (return to depot)