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Hear Chord Electronics' BLU MKII and Hugo M Scaler as they were meant to be heard. OPTO•DX™ is a 100% remedy for FPGA generated or upstream RF noise in the Chord DX dual coax interface. It works by modulating the DX signal to optical and back to DX. This optical bridge guarantees zero transmission of RF noise and zero leakage currents.

Compatible DACs like Dave, Hugo2, HugoTT2 and Qutest benefit with the addition of OPTO•DX to the DX signal path. With no disturbances to the critical analog processing or reference ground plane, the DAC presents a smoother sound, a darker background and better delineation of voices and instruments. The difference is stunningly obvious.

While ferrite-laden coax cables may attenuate common mode RF noise, an optical bridge eliminates all RF noise and all leakage currents.  Optical is the more consequent approach: expensive coax cables become unnecessary; cable length does not matter;  upstream RF noise reduction or better power supplies make no difference. With OPTO•DX you have total confidence that all inputs on BLU MKII or M Scaler will sound their absolute best since no RF noise gets to your DAC.

OPTO•DX's BNC inputs and outputs are opto-coupled by a transmitter & receiver over a short bridge of fiber optic cable.  This adds no delay and is fully transparent. Moreover each side of the optical bridge has separate 12v DC power inputs to stop RF noise contaminated power from crossing the bridge.  Complete RF noise isolation of your DAC is the endgame for optimal sound quality.  This is only possible when metallic conduction is eliminated from both signal and power paths.

When you order OPTO•DX, choose from our power supplies and coax cable options - or provide your own. AudioWise is so confident in your satisfaction that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't hear a significant improvement then please return for a full refund (less shipping costs).