OPTO•DX Optical DAC Isolation

OPTO•DX Optical DAC Isolation

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Hear your DAC as it was meant to be heard. OPTO•DX™ is the 100% remedy for RF noise in a dual-coax SPDIF interface. It works by modulating the SPDIF signal to optical and back to SPDIF over an optical bridge. The optical separation isolates your DAC and guarantees zero conduction of RF noise and zero transfer of leakage currents. 

OPTO•DX isolates two independent 384kHz streams or a single 768kHz dual-coax stream. The isolation adds no latency and is completely transparent.  With no RF noise disturbing your DACs processing you will hear perfect D/A conversion.  Enjoy a less bright, smoother presentation with more subtle details revealed - and you can listen louder and for longer without listening fatigue. 

While ferrite-laden coax cables may attenuate conducted RF noise, an optical bridge eliminates all conducted RF noise and all leakage currents. OPTO•DX also takes it further: each side of the optical bridge has separate DC power inputs to support external isolation transformers on separate circuits.  Optimal sound quality is only possible when RF noise is eliminated from both signal and power paths.

OPTO•DX's total isolation renders upstream digital tweaks unnecessary. Expensive digital cables, USB filtering or low-noise sources make no difference to sound quality.  With OPTO•DX you can save money and have total confidence that your DAC is sounding as good as it can.

For more information, download a whitepaper here.

Included with your purchase are two 12V DC power supplies plus two 30cm (12") thin-coax BNC cables.  AudioWise is so confident in your satisfaction that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't hear the improvement you expect then please return for a full refund (less shipping costs).

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Save $100 during pre-production. Full availability in March 2019.