OPTO•DX Optical Signal Isolation

OPTO•DX Optical Signal Isolation

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Hear your DAC as it was meant to be heard. OPTO•DX™ is the superior remedy for RF noise in a single or dual-coax AES or S/PDIF (DX) interface. It works by modulating the DX signal to optical and back to DX over an optical bridge for total optical galvanic isolation. Further, OPTO•DX has independent DC inputs for each side of the optical bridge to provide complete power isolation and reduced noise using battery packs or low noise supplies.

While cleaner sources, ferrite-laden coax cables and other tweaks may attenuate RF noise to the level of your systems’ subjective noise floor, OPTO•DX provides an objectively superior solution for those with the most revealing systems and highest appreciation for musical transparency. With OPTO•DX you will hear a more perfect D/A conversion: a less bright, smoother presentation with more subtle details revealed — and you can listen louder and for longer without fatigue. Less measured RF noise at the DAC is a direct corollary for better sound.

OPTO•DX is configured as a transmitter and receiver linked with industrial-grade optical cable and convenient thin coax patch cables. For best RF rejection performance of the dual-coax connection (especially between OPTO•DX receiver and DAC) use well shielded coax cable such as Belden 1694A. For power, AudioWise strongly recommends use of battery packs to stop RF from bypassing the optical bridge via the AC mains. Please consider the PowerAdd to power both transmit and receive or use a LPS (linear power) on one side of the optical bridge. Download the PDF here for recommended power isolation configurations. Contact dan@audiowise.ca if you have any questions.


  • OPTO•DX Transmitter Unit
  • OPTO•DX Receiver Unit
  • Two (2) Optical Cables of Ordered Length
  • (Optional) 0.3 meter (~12") Coax Patch Cables
Optical Isolation Whitepaper PDF
Installation Notes