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DAC•WRAP Magnetic Shield

DAC•WRAP Magnetic Shield

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DAC•WRAP Magnetic Shield isolates a DAC from magnetic and low frequency RF fields that would otherwise pass right through the DAC's aluminum or steel enclosure. For maximum sound transparency, you need to block external electromagnetic energy that may induce electrical currents inside a DAC. Made from a highly permeable alloy with performance similar to MuMETAL®, DAC•WRAP isolates against magnetic fields generated from proximate AC power cables, transformers and the household environment. 

Available as a cost-effective laminated foil sheet sized to the DAC, DAC•WRAP forms a close fitting four-sided enclosure for 360° lateral protection. An open front and rear allows access to displays, IR controls and I/O. Installation notes are here.


  • Double layer, polyester laminated 
  • Thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Color: Two-tone Silver
  • Permeability: µ = 25,000; µ max. = 100,000
  • Saturation polarization: 0.55 T
  • Materials: Cobalt, Silver, Boron, Iron, Molybdenum, Niobium

*MuMETAL® is a trademark of Magnetic Shield Corporation