RF•STOP Radiated RF Noise Isolation Chamber

RF•STOP Radiated RF Noise Isolation Chamber

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RF•STOP™ is the only solution to definitively address the issue of radiated RF noise (RF) in your digital playback system. RF from your source, upsampler and other digital components impinges on your Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC) to affect the sound quality. Yes, even across metres of open air, RF can enter your DAC to reduce transparency. This is mitigated by increasing the separation distance but it's only by enclosing your digital chain inside a RF isolation chamber can you be assured your DAC is unaffected. So while an optical signal connection and battery power stops galvanically conducted RF, for those who want to advance to an end-game, even radiated RF must be tamed.

The evidence for this is empirical. RF•STOP's Faraday shield construction and RF absorbing liner provides 90dB performance to block 99.9999999% of radiated RF noise. With a RF•STOP isolated digital chain the radiated RF noise at your DAC measures ambient zero. This lays bare undiscovered details and nuance in your music. The elimination of radiated RF makes a huge difference. RF•STOP reveals this ground truth.

Moreover, RF•STOP renders digital tweaks unnecessary. Custom power supplies, exotic USB cables, expensive sources, etc. don't alter the sound by varying digital fidelity but only by changing the emitted RF spectrum. RF•STOP stops all RF so your DAC is untouched and unaffected. This is a win-win: you are now objectively confident in your digital end-game and you can wisely spend only on components of intrinsic value.

RF•STOP is sized to accommodate most types of upsamplers, media PCs and music servers. Signal interface to your DAC and the outside world is exclusively through a waveguide access port using non-galvanic cables like Toslink, OPTO•DX optical patch or Fibre Ethernet. RF•STOP sanctions only battery powered components with waveguide ported DC connectors for charging. RF•STOP is air cooled with passive-flow venting or, optionally, a low CFM fan can be attached. 

Download the RF•STOP whitepaper for an overview of radiated RF's impact on your DAC and configuring your system for maximum benefit.

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