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A Glowing Testimonial for OPTO•DX and RF•STOP Filtered AC Cables

Thanks to Albert O. from Laguna Niguel in California!

I have a BluMk2 and Dave. I used Wave Storm BNC cables between them and thought that was the best I can squeeze from this combo. I did toy with the idea of swapping out the internal SMPS power supplies in the DAVE and BluMk2 for expensive external linear power supplies. Then I discovered Audiowise OPTO•DX optical isolators. What a revelation!!! Hugely transformative!

These 2 small devices opened up the soundstage, making it both wider and deeper. I heard more micro details and they were more easily discernible now. Smoother, more liquid and lush without sounding warmer. Adding good linear power supplies to OPTO•DX takes the improvements further. I use both Farad Super3 and Teddy Pardo. I like Teddy Pardo on the receiving end and Farad on the transmitting end.

But the greatest value has been AudioWise RF•STOP Filtered AC power cables. Very inexpensive but they replaced my uber pricey power cables to my DAVE and BluMk2. I also use them to power the OPTO•DX power supplies and I use them to power the linear supplies to my Cable Modem, Internet Router, etherRegen, etc. In other words, I use RF•STOP Filtered AC cables throughout my digital chain.

I am also a vinyl fan with 5 turntables, 5 tonearms etc. My digital rig can now compete with my analog rig. It's a different sound from both, each offering a different perspective. But in the past, my digital was too flat and small compared to my analog. Now, my digital has a bigger soundstage.

I have no connection to AudioWise other than being a very happy customer. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) with the AudioWise products but I'm very confident your mileage will get extended or widened.😉.

-- Albert