A Pragmatic User Finds AudioWise (and Mojo2!)

Thanks to Nikhil O. of Brooklyn New York for this testimonial!

When it comes to my headphone listening, I focused on maximum musical enjoyment per dollar spent. Guided by extensive forum research, I chose products from Gustard, Topping, and headhones from Drop. Forum discussions praised the benefits of upsampling, so I experimented with HQPlayer and PGGB-RT, experiencing subtle changes that didn't align with others' significant improvements. Suspecting issues with my power and digital delivery, I invested in a separate network endpoint, power conditioners, and grounding boxes. Despite some improvement, I felt I was still missing something.

This led me to explore other solutions, including galvanic isolators, and USB dongles from Cayin and Shanling. My journey took an interesting turn with Dan from Audiowise. On his website, I discovered a compelling blog post suggesting the Chord Mojo2's superiority over the Chord Dave in terms of transparency. Dan's emphasis on batteries and EM/RFI isolation resonated with me. Consequently, I confidently purchased a Mojo2 from Amazon, along with AudioWise products: PGGB-IT! 64 license, SRC-DX, his coax patch cables, LP and DC Block filters, and Audioquest DBNC adapter. I planned to compare these against my existing setup, selling the lesser on the secondary market.

After two weeks, the results were very clear: the Mojo 2 combined with Dan's equipment significantly outperformed my Gustard/Topping setup. Goodbye old and hello new! I was now hearing the better sound and the Mojo2 transparency that others mentioned on forum posts. Also, I discovered that the sound improved further when I went back to USB-direct from my laptop instead of going through the network endpoint I purchased. Convinced of the potential in Dan's products and his great advice, I plan to further invest in them as funds and time permit.