RF•STOP LRC AC Power Filter

RF•STOP LRC AC Power Filter

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An AC powered DAC requires power free of transients and RF noise—filtering is required well into the MHz range. For DAC's powered with an integrated switch-mode power supply, its worth doing the modification to change it to a linear (transformer-based) design and add RF•STOP™ LRC AC Filter for RF noise filtering. Power supplies with upgraded fuses or improved wiring offer only a nominal level of additional RF filtering. RF•STOP LRC AC Filter uses a two-stage inductor-resistor-capacitor (LRC) design with inductors of highly permeable core material for excellent attenuation of common-mode and normal-mode noise. Wideband filtering extends from 10kHz up to the critical RF frequency of 500MHz. 

Use RF•STOP on amplifiers and monitor speakers to prevent capacitive/inductive coupling of RF noise and conduction along galvanic signal paths to your DAC. For best performance, consider RF•STOP SE AC Filter or a chain of RF•STOP AC Filter in series with a RF•STOP SE AC Filter. Refer to the attached drawing. Ideally use the option short patch cables where possible.

Maximum current is 10A. Inlet connection is IEC C14; outlet connection is IEC C13.