RF•STOP AC Power Filter

RF•STOP AC Power Filter

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An AC powered DAC requires power free of transients and RF noise—filtering is required well into the MHz range. For DAC's powered with an integrated switch-mode power supply, its worth doing the modification to change it to a linear (transformer-based) design and add RF•STOP™ AC Filter for proper RF noise filtering. Power supplies with upgraded fuses or improved wiring offer only a nominal level of additional RF filtering. RF•STOP AC Filter uses a two-stage design with inductors of highly permeable core material for excellent attenuation of common-mode and normal-mode noise. Wideband filtering extends from 10kHz up to the critical RF frequency of 500MHz. 

Use RF•STOP on amplifiers and monitor speakers to prevent capacitive/inductive coupling of RF noise and conduction along galvanic signal paths to your DAC. For best performance, consider a chain of RF•STOP AC Filter in series with a RF•STOP EXTREME AC Filter and locate the EXTREME filter closest to the AC source. Refer to the attached drawing. Ideally use the option short patch cables where possible.

Maximum current is 10A. Inlet connection is IEC C14; outlet connection is IEC C13.