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PGGB 256 Audition

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PGGB 256 is PCM remastering using theoretically perfect Sinc filters at 256-bit precision reconstruction and noise shaping. This means a more transparent sound, better depth and layering, improved resolution, a cleaner leading edge, and more accurate timbre.

AudioWise lets you get an online audition! Upload a few of your favorite tracks to Dropbox, Google GDrive or other online repository. Select Resample Rate fS and Noise Shaping Bit Depth based on your DACs capability and signal transport as per the table below. Place your order (price is per track) and include the upload link in the order notes or send it to Your order will be processed and a download link returned to you. Due to processing overhead, turnaround may take up to 24 hours.

Resample Rate DAC


Most DACs


dCS Vivaldi
PS Audio Directstream
Mytek Brooklyn
Exasound e62
Topping D10s
Many other USB/COAX/I2S DACsi


Chord Electronics Dave, Qutest, Hugo TT2, Hugo2, Mojo2
PS Audio Directstream (Sunlight OS/Directstream 2)
Gustard X26 Pro
Topping D90, D50, E30
SMSL M7, M200, SU9
Project Audio DAC Box DS2
iFi Pro iDSD


DENAFRIPS Terminator, Terminator Plus
Bit Depth DAC
16 Legacy NOS R2R DACs (Burr Brown PCM56)
HOLO AUDIO May, despite its 32bit USB input, has this linear range
S/PDIF (Toslink, Single or Dual Coax) signal transport.
HDMI signal transport
Most DACs including high end R2R
32 FPGA/AKM, ESS, ASIC DACs with USB input.