PGGB•IT! Offline File Remastering

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PGGB•IT! is a professional Windows application for offline batch processing of file-based music using revolutionary PGGB technology. PGGB•IT! remasters FLAC files of ordinary CD quality (~44.1kHz) to ultra-high quality (~705.6kHz) for better sound quality when played back using capable DACs (digital to analog converters). PGGB•IT! incorporates many powerful features:

  • Multi-threaded modeless user interface with separate console/logging window
  • Robust and efficient .NET processing (MATLAB not required) 
  • Simultaneous processing of tracks on performant many-core systems (Xeon, EPYC, Ryzen, etc.)
  • FFMPEG processing of audio files including video(audio tracks) and multi-channel(up to 7.1)
  • Lossless equalization using imported convolution/parametric files or an integrated 4-band EQ
  • Folder monitoring for automatic processing of added files
  • Keyboard remote control for headless operation
  • Preview mode to assist with workflow and settings

AudioWise is a Licensee Partner of core PGGB technology from PGGB•IT! is always updated with the latest remastero software to ensure quality and performance.

PGGB•IT! is available as a no-cost trial (all features, limit 3 minute duration), download it here. Upgrade to a full license at 64-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit precision. Higher precision greatly improves sound quality - particularly on a more transparent system. To obtain a full license, install PGGB•IT! trial version and include the reported Hardware ID in the notes of the order. 

The latest version is 5.7.0. User manual/help is displayed on the console here. PGGB•IT! requirements:

  • Windows 10/11 64-bit or any Windows Server system. At least 16Gbytes RAM and a fast SSD. Performance will scale with more CPU cores and more RAM. 
  • Apple Mac with Bootcamp or Parallels19 Desktop installed. macOS Sonoma recommended.
 Version history
5.7.0. 4-Band EQ. Improved console logging. More robust parallel processing. Improved help. Bug fixes.