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BNC/Coax Adapter Assembly

BNC/Coax Adapter Assembly

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The best coax cable is no cable: ideally a short and direct BNC to BNC connection. The AudioWise BNC/Coax Adapter Assembly is a three piece assembly of high quality Amphenol RF elbow and straight thru adapters. They can be arranged to form a solid articulating connection between SRC•DX, OPTO•DX, DC•BLOCK, LP•FILTER, Source components and DACs. 

The thick nickel plated brass construction of the adapter shell offers 100% shield coverage—much better than braids or foil shields on standard cables; the inner contact pin is gold plated beryllium copper; the full size coaxial dimension and 75ohm impedance maintains the required electrical characteristics with minimal signal return loss; and the short length (less than 8cm) avoids any manifestation of antenna effects.