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User Testamonial: SRC•DX with Chord Mojo

Thanks to Michael D. (UK) for his testamonial comments:

I have a Dave on order. So while I waited I looked for ways to upgrade the sound from my Mojo and I decided to try SRC•DX.  My chain is:

  • Windows PC with roon and the latest software
  • Standard printer USB cable
  • SRC-DX via Oyaide db-510 coax to Audioquest adapter for Mojo
  • Two headphones to test

I played the album Amnesiac from Radiohead. I am very familiar with this album. I really like the track 'life in a glass house'. I have a Poly and SRC•DX is definitely better. I was struck by the instrument separation... each has its own volume and space and doesn't wash over the other instruments. Trumpets are front and centre, drums are in the back and everything is very clear and natural with an excellent stage and a lovely improved decay.

Thoms voice is soft, replacing the trumpet on the centre stage and as the trumpet moves out to the edges the trombone and clarinet play opposite to each other then everything comes together. Amazing really, Ive never really heard it this way before, very relaxed, very enjoyable!

"once again, we are hungry for lynching, thats a strange mistake to make ... living in a glass house"