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User Testamonial: CD Upsampling with PGGB-RT/foobar

Thanks for Michael P. (USA) for this testamonial:

I have a Windows PC laptop with 64Gbytes of RAM that is dedicated to my stereo system. Installed is Audiophile Optimizer (Ultimate Mode), foobar2000 and PGGB-RT/foobar2000 (full version). My music library is on CDs and foobar can read CDs on my laptop and play directly to my exaSound e62. I have foobar configured for on-the-fly PGGB conversion to 32bits@352kHz ...which delays takes several seconds at the start of a CD but is otherwise seamless. Having had the opportunity to listen to several different genres of music, I must admit that the foobar PGGB plugin takes my system up to an entirely new level. I have sound which is unrivaled in my experience. I am utterly astounded and astonished by what I am hearing. Really mind boggling sound realism.

Listening to When The Saints Go Marchin' In makes the presentation of the instruments and Cab Calloway's voice palpable, like I could walk right up to where everything was in space and touch it. On Best Of Chesky Jazz, the songs Kenny Rankin - Always; and Paquito D'Rivera - Havana Cafe absolutely blew me away. PGGB is phenomenal software.