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Testimonials and Listener Impressions drive Audiowise Marketing

With the total lack of audio trade shows compounded with the restrictions on social contact, promotion of my product line has been relegated to word of mouth, forum posts and online marketing. Obviously, this is a challenge as high end audio needs to be heard to be appreciated. The incredible sound technology I have developed is a real achievement in understanding how to maximize a DAC's sound quality. I want this to be experienced by as many people as possible what to do? 

My products are marketed and sold to Chord Electronics customers. By following a few simple rules the damaging effects of RF noise can be mitigated and sound benefits easily heard. OPTO-DX is a no brainer if you own a Chord DX DAC and satisfied customers regularly dialog with me after sale and tell me that my science-based approach is a revelation. In return, many have offered me testimonials in appreciation and I have posted them. Thanks!

Of course, the most stunningly transparent sound is obtained when you apply my full kit of products as in my reference system (described here). To say that I am impressed with this thing I have created is an understatement. I listen to it almost every day and I relish the time spent just enjoying music, new and old, and I am always amazed at the sound I hear.

To allow audition of my system to confirm my own impressions and refute bias, I hosted small (single person) listening sessions with domain experts - notably musicians, recording and live engineers - who know good sound. I am fortunate to have good connections and my location in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) allows me access to influential media professionals and artists willing to have a listen. Each spent about 90 minutes listening to 30 or so tracks from my playlist and their own selections. Seating was mid-field - in the sweet spot about 8' from pro-audio SM9 monitors. I refrained from coaching their expectations although they knew they were going to listen to something special. I recorded their comments or they provided me their written notes which I summarized. Several more sessions are still to be held.

So far, in every case, my reference system evoked astonishment. For those with a technical bent, they said they could peer further into the music (thanks to optical isolation providing an absolutely dead-quiet noise floor), experience a huge soundstage (thanks to the high tap count and noise shaping) and discern micro details and transient cues (thanks to the Sinc filters and lack of RF noise). For the pure artists, the sense was of being in the room with the musicians (pinpoint DAC timing due to low noise) and excellent timbre(instrument accuracy recovered due to accurate waveform shape). All commented on how 'analog' it all sounded.

Even though my reference system is not inexpensive it is nowhere near as costly as an ultra high end 'audiophile' system. Many (most) of my listeners, however, do not have the budget for high end audio ...and that is a shame. Music playback this good deserves to be heard by those that created it. I will have a blog post on my reference systems and all the components.