RF Isolation Elevates a High End System

Thanks to Brandon B. of MN, USA. for trusting his ears and the science behind AudioWise products. Over the space of a several months, Brandon made pragmatic purchases - always asking questions and confirming the sonic benefit. Ultimately he incorporated many of my products along with battery power. And he kept me updated at each step enroute to his endgame.

July 26 - Loving the upgrades, just incredible, more clarity, soundstage, imaging, brought both my systems to brand new levels.

August 22 - I’m a huge fan now. Chord owners need this equipment

August 23 - Wow. Stabilant 22 is incredible stuff, huge improvements on BNC’s, speaker cables, and XLR’s. I'm going to try it on my network connections. Thanks!

August 29 - Per your suggestion, I added a LiFeP04 battery to receiver end of OPTO-DX through the RF-STOP DC Filter. My wife and I are in awe, just breathtaking how good it sounds. It’s so good I’ll probably need to add a battery to the transmitter side also. Thanks again for such amazing products.

September 3 - I’m purchasing 3 more RF-STOP DC Filters for the OPTO-DX transmitter, and for MScaler, and the TT2! Im hearing a stunning increase of transparency from LiFeP04 batteries!

September 5 - Dan, can we add 1 more RF-STOP DC Filter to my order? I want my streamer on an RF-STOP filter too. Thanks,

September 30 - I feel like my system has finally been perfected with your goods. I just added Ghent Gotham cables custom sized from batteries to 4X RF-STOP filters and OPTO-DX. I now have RF-STOP Filters on my Aurender w20se and Chord Etude amplifier as well. Man it’s been an adventure in HiFi!. Thanks for such amazing equipment, you have such a gift. Audiophile bliss!

October 9 - Dan, I've just got to share this testimonial for your RF-STOP AC Filter. I upgraded from the Audiolab CDT 6000 CD transport to the Jay’s Audio CDT3-MK3. I had RT-STOP on the Audiolab but hooked up the Jay’s without the RF-STOP and for the first 2 days and there was very faint crackling and popping in my extremely revealing system. As soon as I attached RT-STOP i got PERFECT TRANSPARENT CLARITY. I’m just totally blown away right now. I don’t understand what kind of genius science you put in that little black box but it transformed a 5k CD transport. Thanks!

Brandon's system drawing and pictures: