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PGGB at the Montreal Audio Fest: A Revolution in Upsampling

PGGB is coming up to its 2nd anniversary and AudioWise has been a proponent of this technology from the start. I have a great relationship with the developer and we have a licensing co-operation in place for PGGB-IT! and the foobar 2000 PGGB-RT component. The latest incarnation of PGGB technology is Version 5 and is a testament to the sheer genius of the developer.  I can state, unequivocally, that PGGB 256 is the best sounding digital reconstruction and definitely endgame. I showcased PGGB 256 at the most recent Montreal Audio Fest and my room was in the top 2 or 3 according to some visitors.

The amazing potential of PGGB, however, requires a extreme attention to the detrimental effects of RF noise - starting with AC power. My setup for the show was 100% battery powered and incorporated much of my RF isolation kit - as per the signage on my rack below and a reference drawing.