User Testamonial: Using PGGB to Tame DSD High Frequencies

Thanks to Waldemar P. (Germany) for this testamonial:

I live in Germany in the Dusseldorf – Cologne area. I purchased a full license of PGGB-RT and PGGB OFFLINE and use them with the PGGB-IT Utility. All tools are highly recommended. 

My library contains about 125 albums Red Book recordings and about 255 albums in high resolution PCM (96k/24 up to DXD) plus DSD (DSD64 up to DSD256). Thanks to PGGB-IT, I can use different high frequency filters for different albums. Some of my old DSD64 recordings have very high noise due to the old analog/digital converters such as BurrBrown. Even some of my newer DSD and PCM recorded with older digital converters have a high noise potential >30kHz. Only albums recorded with the new generation digital converters from 2015 like the Horus and Pyramix by Merging Technologies have a noise signal floor in the high frequencies that is lower than ~100db.

PGGB-IT is very helpful for conversion. Directory structures are automatically taken over during conversion and I can adjust filter settings for best sound. FOLDER-DROP is very convenient to add new albums to be processed. Using PGGB OFFLINE for DSD conversion is very good for quality but very memory intensive. My hardware has 128GB physical memory and I had to push the virtual memory to 725GB to get DSD256 files to run error free. I use Windows10 in conjunction with a 16 core processor.

I have a Chord QUTEST with SRC-DX and DC-BLOCKs. The combination with PGGB is simply fantastic!