PGGB Elevates Sound Quality with Improved Precision

Download samples below!

PGGB 'perfect' resampling technology was launched a year ago and has made its way to hundreds of music lovers. I was a convert after my first listen and I firmly believe PGGB is a revolution for the industry and improves our understanding of digital signal reconstruction theory and implementation. PGGB's core technology has evolved into two versions: PGGB-RT uses the Intel IPP library for real-time performance with a limit of 1 billion taps and 64-bit floating-point precision; PGGB-AP (previously named PGGB Offline) is based on MATLAB with uncompromised support for up to 8 billion taps and 256-bit floating point precision (until now limited to 64-bit precision for performance).

With the latest release of PGGB-AP, full precision has been enabled and this improves the computation accuracy of filter tap coefficients at the extremes (as shown above) and using maximum bits of precision maximally preserves all the transient energy in the original. Signal analysis of the resulting files showed that reconstruction/noise-shaping was completely free of digital artifacts and had a vanishingly low quantization noise floor below -400dB. The listening group thus expected some improvement in sound quality but they were shocked at what they heard. Music had a much improved transparency and realism with more nuance and natural detail. If you think this seems far fetched, please check out the high precision processed tracks below (16fS @ 24 bit depth and other settings at defaults). Tracks provided under fair use guidelines for education of the audiophile public. 

Holly Cole - My Baby Just Cares for Me Universal Music Group
Buena Vista Socia Club - Pueblo Nuevo Warner Music Group
Junior Wells - Ships on the Ocean WMG (on behalf of Milan Records)
Patricia Barber - The Thrill is Gone Bluenote Records

The downside to all this new found goodness is increased processing time. Higher precision requires multiple 64-bit computations for each algorithm step plus increased memory requirements. Expect that processing 128-bit precision will take 10x longer than 64-bit. More precision will take longer still. You will have to consider upgrading your existing PGGB system - however, it will be worth it to hear your music as never before.

Download the trial version of PGGB-AP here.