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AudioWise at Montreal Audiofest, March 24-26

If you are in the northeastern part of USA or Canada, its worth your while to attend this show ( AudioWise will present in Room 2328 and I will be in attendance all three days. Of course, you can see and hear all my RF isolation kit in action and, in addition, there will two Canadian firsts:

PGGB-IT! 5.0 Remastering Software
PGGB-IT! is a Windows software application featuring a groundbreaking revolution in digital sound quality. Ultra high precision algorithms up-sample ordinary CD resolution audio files up to 16fS (705.6/768kHz) - for presentation to a compatible DAC. The result is a reconstruction that's mathematically perfect and measures better and sounds better than any DAC alone. What you will hear is your music with an uncanny transparency to the original analog. PGGB -IT! 256-bit precision single user license is $1030 USD. A free trial version is available.

AudioWise Reference System - featuring Chord DAVE and PMC IB2se
Using all battery power and with complete RF isolation on power, signal and radiated EMI, AudioWise Reference System elevates a standard Chord Dave DAC to another level - perhaps to the pinnacle of music reproduction. Dan will demonstrate and inform the audience that attention to RF isolation is the pragmatic best approach to achieve the best digital sound. Combined with PGGB quality music, the resulting extreme transparency and ultra low noise floor creates a natural musicality. All components on display (less DAC, amplification and speakers) are available from AudioWise.

I hope to see you there!