More Mojo2 Amazement: A Testimonial

Thanks to Cedric W. of NSW Australia for this testimonial!

  • Network optical fiber
  • Taiko Extreme
  • Chord Dave Mojo2
  • PGGB 256
  • SRC•DX
  • RF•STOP EXTREME SE Signal Filter (2)
  • Abyss Phi TC

I purchased SRC•DX, OPTO•USB and DAC•WRAP from Dan a few years back. I am a quantum physicist so I know the impact of RF noise on signals. RF is definitely a DAC killer. I was happy with my Dave but I recently purchased a Mojo2 to see what all the fuss was about. Definitely, yes, Mojo2 exceeded Dave in many respects and this little marvel had no problems driving my Abyss headphones. I decided to follow Dan's recommendation for a Mojo2 endgame and got two of his RF•STOP EXTREME SE Signal Filters: one with BNC's for the Mojo2 digital input and one with RCA's for Mojo2 analog output.

Mighty Christ and holy moly, what is going on here? I never imagined that RF noise would impact digital processing down to this level. The EXTREME SE Signal filters are beyond my expectations. The soundstage has gone from wide to infinity and bass has taken my Abyss to thundering levels. Damn, I never realized there were so many layers in the mid bass level!  And now voices have a completely natural timbre. Dan, thanks for this !!!!