Dan's Picks

These are my product recommendations from Amazon and select Audio Suppliers. I have purchased these and use them on a daily basis. The list will grow and change as I find new or better items. IMO these are are top grade at reasonable prices. Note that the Amazon links are for the Canadian site however you should be redirected to your local Amazon site product page.

The Poweradd brand has been a mainstay for battery power for DACs or digital components. Batteries provide 100% isolation from AC noise and prevent digital noise from radiating through the household AC wire grid. The latest Pilot Pro 5 has more power with all the same range of supported voltages.

For even more power and the benefit of an AC inverter, I like the Goal Zero Yeti line. Their most recent 200X model is small and powerful and ideal for inclusion inside RF•STOP (for the ultimate isolation). And it's now available in most countries.

Modern DACs are immune to jitter (its the truth) so if you want to connect with S/PDIF then use TOSLINK.

These are thin and practical - perfect for use with RF•STOP's waveguide port cable diameter. Extra jacket size and construction is just for cosmetics.

Tripp Lite is recognized for its data-grade optical glass fibre cables. Their TOSLINK line is of similar quality polymer fibre.

Use the A102 with a source player (or use the A104 with an intel NUC with digital optical port) for direct connection to a DAC.

RF•STOP's waveguide port mandates an optical network connection. This can be facilitated with a 'Fibre Media Converter' like the TP-LINK MC200CM. Two are required to be purchased: one inside RF•STOP and the other proximate to your main ethernet switch/hub (which should be as distant as possible from your DAC).

For fibre cable connection, I recommend Tripp Lite for its data-grade optical glass quality.

Finally to ease connection of SMPS supplies inside RF•STOP, use a quality triple plug adapter from Leviton. These have good grip and can be doubled-up if required.

Digital cables need to meet the functional  requirements for AES/EBU or USB 2.0 signals or low impedance for DC power. For good RF performance this also means well shielded connector construction and high quality cable to ensure minimal RF noise absorption or emission.  

There are plenty of good cable makers but Ghent is known worldwide for his quality workmanship and ease of accommodating any customization.  Delivery from China takes a while but his cables are great value.