USB Isolator (Industrial Black 2017 Version)

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Dramatically improve USB Audio fidelity to your DAC from your PC, Media Player or Streamer.   The Intona Isolator is a self-powered device that galvanically isolates the USB data lines and cleans up the +5V power/ground lines from PC equipment to eliminate ground loops and noise effects on your DAC electronics.  With the isolator you will notice more detail, delineation of instruments, clearer voices, snappier transients and more low end energy.  The isolator connects to your existing USB cable with a short tether to the DAC.  Supports standard USB AB connections and all USB speeds (up to 480mbits/sec) for 24bit/192kHz PCM or DSD256.

Industrial  spec 2017 version has updated firmware for no-blink status light, improved USB connector retention, higher voltage isolation and better spec components.