MP-U1 USB Power Supply

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This product solves the problem of degraded USB Audio from PC/Mac/Streamer to an outboard asynchronous USB DAC.  By providing a near perfect +5V power input to the DAC, all noise from the source computer is eliminated providing tangible benefits:

  • The decoding of the USB data at the physical layer interface becomes perfect.
  • A lower noise floor delivers deeper silence and more dynamic range.
  • The DAC chip analog conversion reveals more clarity, instrument delineation, better voices, snappier transients, wider staging and a more powerful low end.
  • You can resell or re-purpose those expensive USB cables.  The MP-U1 delivers the same benefit as cables costing many hundreds of dollars.

Top of the line rechargeable Panasonic 3400mAh batteries provide more than 30 hours of continuous playback with a powered DAC.  Use a short (18cm or less) bridge USB cable from MP-U1 to DAC.

(For the ultimate in isolation, combine the MP-U1 with an Intona isolator.  Contact AudioWise for more information).