Coherent Reference 15 Speakers

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Frank Fazzalari's ultimate expression of speaker technology in a bespoke cabinet.  An efficiency of over 102dB @ 8ohms allows these amazing speakers to be driven by cost effective low-power 45 and 2a3 tube amplifiers.  This is a full range speaker (32Hz to 20kHz  +/- 3dB) producing effortless musical performance for any type of music.  A Reference 15 incorporates only the top-of-the-line design, construction and components:

  • A 15" co-axial driver from Radian Audio customized by Frank
  • A 3" horn waveguide and high-end Beryllium high frequency dome 
  • Customized crossover - Frank's tuned design, Mundorf EVO Silver-Gold-Oil capacitor
  • Nordost Internal wiring throughout
  • Cardas binding posts
  • Fully custom cabinetry - Canadian 3/4" MDF construction with your choice of veneer and finish
  • 5 years limited warranty
A purchase of a Coherent speaker is an investment in Frank's 15 years of experience and a guarantee of personalized service and open sharing of his audio knowledge.