RF•STOP Isolation Box Specifications

External Dimensions

Small: 13.5" Width x 11" Depth x 8.75" Height (5U rack height)

Large: 17" Width x 13.5" Depth x 8.75" Height (5U rack height)

 Internal Dimensions

Small: ~12”(305mm) x ~9.5”(242mm) x ~6”(153mm)

Large: ~15.5”(395mm) x ~12”(305mm) x ~6”(153mm)

Shielding Effectiveness >90dB @ DC to 3GHz
>80dB @ 3Ghz to 6Ghz
>70dB @ 6Ghz to 13Ghz
Waveguide Port

Six 6mm cable openings and a single 12mm connector feedthrough supports Toslink, simplex or duplex fibre with OPTO•DX or standard networking connections.

AC Power 100V-250V/10A. IEC external with NEMA5-15 internal. IEC inlet fuse: 5x20mm glass (factory configured)
Ventilation Passive cross-flow with mounting for optional 80mm fan on intake and/or exhaust
Construction Welded aluminum w/conductive coating. Chassis connected to AC ground 
RF Gasket Dual nickel fabric braid over foam core seal
RF Liner Broadband absorption and resonance reduction
Lid Dual layer reinforced cover with durable hinges
Latching Dual paddle compression latch
Shipping Weight 26lbs (11.8kg)
Certification Each unit tested & certified by TESTFORCE (measurements provided)
Warranty 2 year parts and labour (return to depot)