RF•STOP Specifications

External Dimensions Standard 17" Width x 13.5" Depth x 8.5" Height (8.75" with Standoffs)
 Internal Dimensions 16”(405mm) x 12.5”(318mm) x 7”(178mm)
Shielding Effectiveness: >90dB @ DC to 3GHz
>80dB @ 3Ghz to 6Ghz
>70dB @ 6Ghz to 13Ghz
Waveguide Port: Six 5mm cable openings (single 12mm feedthrough)
AC Power: 120V/10A IEC (Internal/External)
Ventilation: Passive cross-flow with optional low CFM fan
RF Gasket: Braid over foam
Latching: Dual paddle compression latch
Shipping Weight: 20.3lbs (9.2kg)
Warranty: 2 year parts and labour (return to depot)