RF•STOP Digital Component Isolation

RF•STOP Digital Component Isolation

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RF•STOP™ is the only solution to definitively stop radiated radio-frequency (RF) noise from digital components impinging on your Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC). Increasing separation distance does help to attenuate RF but complete isolation is guaranteed only by enclosing your entire digital chain inside RF•STOP. So while signal and power isolation is required to stop galvanically conducted RF noise, for those who want to advance to an endgame, it's radiated RF that must also be quarantined.

The evidence for this is empirical. Out-of-band RF noise measured at a DACs output is a direct corollary for sound quality. Proximate digital components generate RF noise that is picked up by a DAC and measurable at the outputs. RF noise manifests within the audio band as harmonic distortions and an elevated noise floor with enough energy to degrade transparency.  

To fully address this issue, RF•STOP's Faraday shield construction and RF absorbing liner provides 90dB performance to block 99.9999999% of RF noise. Digital components placed inside have no effect on a DAC—even when alongside or stacked on top. With a fully isolated DAC, music takes on an analog-like smoothness yet is full of rich detail and nuance. A DAC sounds its best when its as free of RF noise as possible—RF•STOP reveals this ground truth.

Moreover, RF•STOP renders digital tweaks unnecessary—this is not hyperbole. Specialized sources, supercap power supplies, isolated switches, USB reclockers or exotic cables become insignificant when contained inside RF•STOP. No RF gets out so a functional component sounds the same as an expensive one.  A $250 streamer or a $10 USB cable sounds substantially the same as one costing 10x as much.  This is a huge win-win for audiophiles who can now be objectively confident in their digital endgame and wisely spend only on components of intrinsic value.

RF•STOP is sized to accommodate a wide variety of upsamplers and music servers along with networking and I/O interfaces. All signals are ported through an optical waveguide using non-galvanic cables like toslink, OPTO•DX optical, or fibre optic USB/Ethernet. Power is provided by a single highly filtered AC connection. RF•STOP is air cooled with passive-flow venting with an optional external fan.  A mezzanine shelf allows convenient stacking of components. See a system configuration PDF here.

The first version of RF•STOP is a 120V/10A design. Support for 240V is provided using an external step-down transformer or inexpensive travel converter. RF•STOP is built to order; please allow 4 weeks for delivery.


    • RF•STOP Enclosure
    • RF isolation test certificate (each unit is fully tested for 90dB isolation)
    • AC Power Cord
    Download the RF•STOP Whitepaper here for an overview of radiated RF's impact on your DAC.