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PGGB-RT Full License

PGGB-RT Full License

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If you have PGGB-IT! or PGGB-RT/foobar, you can upgrade a trial version of PGGB-RT to full functionality:
  • One billion taps maximum
  • Resample up to 64fS
  • Ultra-Long Windowed Sinc Filters
  • High Precision 64/80-bit processing
  • Intel IPP/AVX acceleration for maximum performance
  • Adaptive Noise Shaping with Ultra-Low Quantization Noise
  • Equalization - Optimized Convolution Filtering
  • Intersample Overs - Optimized Adjustment
  • Options: Presentation, Transparency, HF filtering, Gain, Cores, Apodizing
  • E-mail notification of future updates
  • 64bit Windows 10 PC, Minimum of 8GB of RAM and 4 core processor. 16GB RAM minimum; 32GB-64GB recommended
Select 'Full' License, and enter your Hardware ID (from the PGGB-RT configuration page) in the 'Add a note to your order' field during checkout. This Hardware ID restricts the license to your system. If you have changed your hardware and require an updated license file, select 'Renewal  New Hardware'.