HQPlayer Upsampled Audio Tracks

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Do you want to assess the sound quality of software upsampling but don't want to install and configure HQPlayer? Do you have a dual-coax compatible DAC and are interested in a SRC•DX interface to million-tap software playback? You can download A/B comparison files that have already been upsampled from 16-bit/48kHz original masters to 24-bit/768kHz using optimal HQPlayer settings. Preview tracks in the mini-player below and then select from the above drop-down list and ADD TO CART for download. Each download is a ZIP containing two files:

  • FLAC : 16-bit/48kHz original master
  • APE : 24-bit/768khz WAV from HQPlayer upsampling

Decompress the lossless APE to WAV using the Windows-based Monkey's Audio application here. Tracks are approx 60 seconds in duration. Play them back-to-back to a compatible DAC directly or through a hardware upsampler. Each set of files is volume matched. The sound quality provided using this comparison equals that from real-time upsampling direct from HQPlayer or via ROON. Enjoy!

20 tracks provided under license from PremiumBeat