Digital Audio Coax Patch Cables

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Audiowise supplies two grades of AES-S/PDIF BNC coax cable. The thin RG179 cable is highly flexible and my standard for getting things up and running. They are ideal for use inside RF•STOP Isolation Box with OPTO•DX or SRC•DX. The thicker and more rigid Belden RG6-1694A cable is less flexible but provides much better RF shielding—recommended for use between OPTO•DX and DAC.


  • Connector type: BNC male to BNC male
  • RG179
    • Single Shielded
    • Bare Copper Braid, 90% coverage
    • ~40dB RF Screening
  • Belden RG6-1694A
    • Double Shielded
    • Duofoil® Aluminum Tape, 100% coverage
    • Tinned Copper Braid, 95% coverage
    • ~70dB RF Screening
  • Impedance: 75 ± 3 Ohm
  • Frequency: 0~2GHz
  • Weight: 20g