OPTO•USB Optical Isolation for USB DACs

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OPTO•USB™ is a USB optical isolator that provides RF isolated transmission of high-resolution digital audio from source to a USB DAC. OPTO•USB is better than any inline isolator, exotic USB cable or alternative USB-over-optical solutions* that use an embedded copper wire in the optical fiber. OPTO•USB uses 100% glass fiber for total RF isolation: there is no galvanic connection to conduct RF and no tethered antenna to emit or absorb radiated RF. OPTO•USB ensures that a DAC's USB input is as RF isolated as possible.

OPTO•USB is compatible with USB** interface chipsets for plug-and-play operation with Windows, macOS or Linux. OPTO•USB consists of a transmitter/receiver pair with USB signal connection on short pigtails. A male USB 'A' at the transmitter plugs directly into a source. A female USB ‘A’ at the receiver supports cables or adapters for ‘B’ or ‘micro B’ DAC inputs. The transmitter is USB powered; the receiver requires a supplemental 5V input for optical demodulation. OPTO•USB uses standard OM2 50/125 multimode optical fiber on LC connectors.

OPTO•USB works with any USB DAC and supports up to 32-bit PCM@1536kHz or DSD1024. Audiophiles can enjoy the highest resolution audio files with the confidence that source generated RF noise is not contaminating their DACs sound quality. Upsampling using Roon or HQPlayer provides the same assurance despite increased RF noise from the extra computational load.

OPTO•USB and OPTO•DX are key components in the audiophile's quest to eliminate RF noise toward an endgame. Both products provide an optical signal connection on inexpensive optical cables to allow distancing of the digital chain from the DAC. OPTO•DX brings far superior all-analog optical demodulation for DX DACs while OPTO•USB offers maximum isolation for all USB DACs.


  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • 12" (30cm) USB A Male to 3.5mm x 1.35mm DC Power Plug

*Monoprice Slimrun USB and Corning Optical USB provide 5V power from source to the client device via a thin copper wire inside the cable jacket. These 'active' solutions are not recommended for high end audio since they defeat the optical isolation with a galvanic connection. Even if the 5V power is injected from an external supply, the length of wire acts as an antenna to increase RF radiation and absorption.

**OPTO•USB has full compatibility with USB2.0 ports (those marked without 'SS' or 'SuperSpeed'). Compatibility with USB3.0 ports requires manual setting of the port buffering within the playback software. If using HQPlayer (direct or via Roon), increase the 'Buffer time' setting to at least 50 msec. Contact Audiowise for more information.