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AudioWise DAC Sync for VLC

AudioWise DAC Sync for VLC

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Experience perfect synchronization of video and audio when the VLC Media Player is used with external DACs from Chord Electronics or PSAudio. Video soundtracks are recorded at sample rates of either 44.1kHz or 48kHz (or multiples thereof).  If a fixed audio synchronization is used - as provided by standard VLC settings - the audio delay will vary per file when processed by the DAC.  The resulting lip-sync errors and other aberrations can be subconsciously disturbing. For this reason, for full viewing enjoyment of live recordings, concerts or movies with great music, its very important to ensure 100% audio synchronization.
The AudioWise DAC Sync (ADS) extension for VLC Media Player is a digital download that is easily installed and configured for use.  Pick the make and model of your DAC from a simple list.  ADS dynamically integrates knowledge of taps and other filter parameters to determine the right delay for your DAC and for the currently playing audio track. Then use VLC Media Player as you normally would.  Each time a new video is played, ADS analyzes the change in audio sample rate and changes the audio delay accordingly. You can also combine the audio synchronization from VLC settings with those dynamically calculated by ADS.  In this way any fixed delays in your chain (those independent of audio sample rate) can be accommodated for.
AudioWise DAC Sync for VLC is only available for the Windows operating system.