RF•STOP AC Power Cable Isolation Sleeve

RF•STOP AC Power Cable Isolation Sleeve

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Any metal cable acts like an antenna to radiate or absorb RF noise (RF). In particular AC power cord can radiate RF with enough energy to degrade the ultimate transparency of a DAC. Proximity, length and construction all play a role but even an impossibly small amount of RF is sufficient to perturb a DACs timing, reference voltage and noise floor — all of it audible.

An audio chain is replete with sources of RF: switch mode power supplies, sources, streamers, network switches, digital tweaks and even amplifiers themselves. The latter is interesting: when a DAC is interconnected to a powered amplifier, the out-of-band RF is modulated to a higher energy by the amplifier power supply and then radiated back to the DAC by the power cable. This is why DAC-direct headphones or loudspeakers sound much more transparent: there is less radiated RF.

High-end power cables do typically provide some amount of radiated RF attenuation with a shielded dielectric or with specialized conductor geometry; however, endgame isolation requires a more definitive solution. RF•STOP™ AC Power Cable Isolation Sleeve is a Faraday shield over the length of a power cable. Made from heavy metallized layers in a compact woven polyamide fabric, RF•STOP AC Sleeve provides full spectrum RF isolation with over 90dB performance. The results are amazing. RF•STOP AC Sleeve stops cables from being antennae so ordinary cables are transformed into sounding better than top-drawer audiophile quality. Dramatically improved detail, separation and low-end resolution is what you will hear as the result of a better RF isolated DAC.

RF•STOP AC Sleeve is sized to fit over standard 1.5" diameter power connectors. A nylon jacket adds durability and Velcro straps with a grip liner secure the ends.  RF•STOP AC Sleeve comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Try it on any AC power cable - the benefits are instantaneous. If you are not completely satisfied, please return it for a full refund.  Your only risk is the cost of shipping and local charges.