My Listening Room Setup ('A')

I have two listening areas. My primary ('A') has Voxativ loudspeakers driven direct from a Chord Electronics TT2 in a mid-field environment. IMO this is pretty darn close to end-game for transparency and sheer listening enjoyment. My secondary ('B') uses headphones and I'll write about that in a separate post. Notice that I don't have any power connection to the AC grid. This isolation allows me to be reasonably assured that my listening impressions are untainted. I cycle through components such as batteries, cables, DC regulators and misc tweaks. Here's my current major components:

  • Windows10: Lenovo Thinkpad P71, Core i7
  • macOS Catalina: Macbook Pro 13, Core i7
  • ROON 1.6 Yearly license 
  • HQPlayer Desktop 4.2.X (PCM, 'sinc-M' or 'poly-sinc-long-lp' filter)
  • Audio Sensibility Impact USB cable
  • SRC-DX (using supplied 0.3m coax)
  • OPTO-DX (using supplied 0.3m coax, 5.0m optical)
  • PowerAdd Pilot Pro 2 (using supplied DC power cable)
  • Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 (silver)
  • REL S510 SubBass (supplied AC power cable)
  • Goal Zero Lithium Yeti 1000 (12V split between OptoDX-R and TT2, AC to REL)
  • Voxativ AF2.6 drivers in DIY enclosure
  • Internal and connecting speaker wire is Analysis-Plus Silver Oval 2
  • TAKET BatPro2 Supertweeter
  • REL and BatPro2 connected with speaker level connections

The total cost of all components (at ~list prices) is under $20k USD. Please contact me if you have any questions.